Fascia is a form of soft tissue that wraps around our whole anatomy. Oddly enough this powerful component was ignored primarily in anatomy books up until the last two decades.

Historically focus on teaching anatomy in medical school and related colleges was on easily seen structures like muscles, tendons, bones and organ systems. As a result we saw many patients in our clinics with scar tissue related ailments which had been misdiagnosed as other sources of pain.

This unfortunately led to further surgical interventions, more prescription meds for pain management and cortisone shots. The relevance of scar tissue is paramount but when it takes over and impedes your bodies movement and causes pain, it becomes a matter of significant concern.

Fascia is like the cling film we use in our kitchen to cover up food and wraps around most structures on our body. There are fascial “trains” or patterns that relate to the front, sides and back of our body. It’s not easily seen in the human body (hence being ignored for years in anatomy books) but it is just as important as it’s level of mysteriousness. This is because it’s been recently described as having it’s own network of nerves, like another computer system in your body just like your gut. These networks all talk to each other and if there has been an injury/surgery to these delicate tissues and scar tissue builds up, it can wreak havoc on your body.

Osteopathic Myofascial Release treatment can help minimize, regroup and treat fascia with conditions related to Fascial tension and scar tissue build up. This could be in the gut, or any muscle or joint in your body. Early intervention and treatment is key. Here’s to Gut health and Joint Mobility with Smiles!